Moo-ry Christmas! Winter Newsletter…

holly_and_pine_banner-OptimizedWith the tea room closed and the chilly weather, winter for us is a period of staff holidays, routine jobs and maintenance – but nonetheless plenty of ice cream is still being lovingly produced and sent out to our customers!
Christmas Pudding Cropped-Optimized

The Christmas Pudding ice cream is proving very popular again this year. We have to admit it’s a struggle in the office not to polish off a tub each week – but we must resist! Who could resist Brandy infused fruits and golden toasted almonds in rich and luxurious Brandy ice cream?!  Not us! Try it for yourself and see that we’re not wrong!


Our dairy cattle are slowly being housed for the cold snap, and this means more feeding and a lot more cleaning out! Our suckler herd, are successfully out-wintered for another season, and have grown wonderful woolly coats. The calves look like fluffy teddy bears – just a tad muddier!

There’s a lot of routine maintenance to be done – we’re muck spreading and hedge trimming and all hands are on deck for a good old tidy up!

Maize harvest-Optimized

The maize was harvested in October, and will be a fed to our cows until they are back in the fields in spring. The maize silage is a very good and starchy energy feed for the cows and is added to a complete diet feeder along with home-grown rolled barley, grass silage and mineral supplements. The mixed ration of foods fed to the herd is formulated by an animal nutritionist, and is designed to improve their yield and keep our cows happy and healthy.

warehouse building -Optimized

We’re currently in the process of fitting a biomass boiler to fuel the farm, which should be completed by Christmas – fingers crossed! Burning biomass, for example wood or cereals, emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as was absorbed by the plants when they were growing. This means it is a carbon-neutral renewable energy and heat produced will provide the farm with hot water for cleaning and for heating. This biomass boiler offers us an environmentally sound heating solution and takes us one step closer to being as ‘green’ as we can be – something Callestick Farm is very passionate about.

Calves in Igloo - BestEdit-Optimized

The old calving pen had to be knocked down to make space for the new boiler house – lucky for the calves this means a brand new shed for them in the coming months! The calves have moved in to their temporary igloo homes while the biomass boiler is fitted – they’re very fitting for this time of year and we have to say the calves look very lovely all snuggled up and cosy together.


Our turkey has escaped the pot (and the fox) for the third year running! We’re pretty attached to him and his gobbled greetings as we arrive for work in the morning. Lucky for him a three year old turkey won’t be very tasty anymore!


Sebastian arrived back at the farm the other day with a new addition to the family – a boar who we’re now calling “The Pig Daddy”. He’s very big and very eager to meet the ladies who he’ll share a pen with. Its great news all around as we’ll hopefully have some mischievous piglets for you all to see when we’re open again in the spring…how lovely!


We would like to wish all our customers a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Here’s to a brilliant 2015 – exciting times ahead!


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