Callestick Farm Open Day

Celebrating our 25th year producing fabulous Cornish ice creams, we are opening our gates for a farm open day on Saturday the 12th April 2014.

Callestick Farm Calf

At the open day we are aiming to give visitors a glimpse behind the scenes at the workings of our dairy farm where the magic happens and gallons of fresh milk are produced each day, the basis of our traditional Cornish ice cream recipe.

Visitors meet the cows in the feed passageWe run a small herd of around 100 cows that produce the daily fresh milk that we use to make scores of delicious flavours of our ultra-creamy Cornish ice cream.  The open day will be a fabulous opportunity to have some fun but also to learn a bit about how the farm is run and also how the milk is then made into ice cream.  There will be lots to do:

  • Meet some of the animals on a guided tour of the farmyard as our farm manager and herdsman explain how the farm is run
  • See the farm machinery and learn what it does
  • Watch a video about how the ice cream is made and see the factory in action from the viewing gallery
  • Lots of craft fun for the children
  • Try your hand at milking our large-as-life model cow
  • Visit the shop and tearoom with its local crafts, foods and ice creams!
  • Taste Callestick’s own sausages and burgers from the BBQ

Shaun the Herdsman takes a farmyard tourThe open day will be a great opportunity to increase children’s awareness of the countryside and how food is produced.  With greater access to the animals and also the factory’s viewing gallery, we hope it will give children an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the process from cow to cone whilst having lots of fun at the same time, a really interactive day for all.

Girl milking cow

The entry is free and there is plenty of parking.  The Open Day starts at 10am and gates close at 4pm.  The guided tours of the farmyard will take place at regular intervals throughout the day.  Don’t forget to bring your wellies!



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