Heather’s Coffee Shop

Heather’s Coffee Shop is run by Heather, no surprises there, but what will surprise you is this beautiful and unpretentious little tearoom; sat quietly in the village of Pendeen and filled with the most beautiful cakes and bakes you would care to taste.

Heather's Coffee SHop
Heather has built up quite a following in the village and a lot of her business comes from the locals but the village of Pendeen is situated along the very scenic coastal road that stretches from Penzance to St Ives and so, in the Summer, it makes a great pit stop between the two towns for visitors too.  Heather’s Coffee Shop is part of the Choose Cornish ‘Truly Cornish Café Trail’, a collection of the best independent cafes in Cornwall.  You can be assured that every café on the trail prides themselves on sourcing local ingredients, supporting local producers and serving top quality Cornish food and drinks, just like Heather’s Coffee Shop.

Scenic surrounds

The landscape around these parts is very picturesque, all tiny tiny fields with stone hedges, it definitely has a moorland quality about it. There are lots of footpaths around the area with amazing views out to sea…

Coastal views
This is a cow I met en route….

Back to the coffee shop. A little glass fronted building on the corner near the school, as pretty as a picture.

Heather's Coffee Shop
Inside, the painted boarding and bunting gives it a lovely country feel, very fresh and bright with the light pouring in through the windows.

Heather's Coffee Shop

It is furnished with old pieces of oak which help to give the place its soul.  There is also a beautiful little courtyard at the back, perfect for a sunny day.

Patio at Heather's Coffee Shop
Heather had been coming on her holidays to Cornwall since she was a nipper and her love of baking meant that she had always dreamed of opening a coffee shop and so she bit the bullet and made the move from Grimsby and hasn’t looked back.  She just loves it when the coffee shop is full and everybody is busily chatting amongst themselves, it is just what she had hoped for.

the sunny tearoom

Heather’s Coffee Shop serves breakfast, light lunches, cream teas and drinks every day, but the baking is her true love. “There are some cakes that I am asked to make again and again like the Meringue Roulade and the Cherry Cheesecake but I am always experimenting with new flavours and people always ask what is new to try. Recently I have made a Polka Dot Strawberry Cake, a Beetroot Cake and a Coffee and Cardamom cake”.  You only have to take a look at the Facebook Page to get an idea of all Heather’s amazing creations.

Blueberry Surprise Cake
Alongside the cakes, Heather also serves 4 different flavours of Callestick Farm ice cream: Clotted Cream Vanilla Bean, Belgian Chocolate, Honeycomb and Lemon Curd. “Vanilla is my most popular ice cream flavour, children love chocolate of course, but my personal favourite is the Lemon Curd, hands down!”

Callestick Farm Cornish Ice Cream served at Heather's Coffee Shop
And who would Heather like to chat to over an ice cream?… Her Gran who sadly never got the chance to see the coffee shop but Heather said “it is the kind of place she would have loved, even if it wasn’t mine”.  I wouldn’t mind guessing she would have been a very proud Gran indeed.


One thought on “Heather’s Coffee Shop

  1. I have been following Heather’s Facebook page ever since we knew we were coming to this part of Cornwall for our holidays. Of course we had to drop in, and boy, are we glad we did. Such a pretty little tearoom and as expected, the food was absolutely delicious. What I really liked as well was that besides being a place to satisfy the appetite, it was also a hub of the community. We may have obviously been holiday makers, As our backpacks, maps and walking boots sort of gave us away, we still felt included in the conversation that was going on between tables and the very friendly staff. It’s a pity there aren’t more places like this !

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