Shaun talks Cows from Callestick Farm

Of course we all know that milk is one of the major ingredients in ice cream and we know that, here at Callestick Farm, we use the milk from our own herd, but do we know anything about how that milk is produced? I’m not sure I know as much as I should and we certainly get lots of questions from customers and visitors about the cows and how the farm works.  So, I decided to interview Shaun, the herdsman – expert on all things bovine – to try and learn a thing or two.

Shaun has worked here for 4 years; he studied Agriculture at Duchy College and has been working on dairy farms since he was a nipper.  He loves his cows and, together with Sam the Farm Manager, does everything he can to provide the cows with a calm and comfortable lifestyle.

In this interview I ask him a few basic questions about the farm and the cows, from how many times a day we milk them, to what sort of personalities they have…

Mischievous cows eh?  Well I never did. Hope that was interesting, if you have any questions do ‘comment’ and Shaun will answer.

Next week we will be coming from the calving shed where we will be meeting a freshly calved cow and asking Shaun about pregnancy in cows, calving and baby calves.


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