Family Fun at Castle Beach Cafe

Falmouth is so well known for its harbour and busy town centre but I forget sometimes that it has some fabulous beaches too, particularly for families.  Castle Beach Café is sat right on the sandy shore, it is a pleasure – run by a couple who genuinely love Castle Beach it is unpretentious and full of everything one needs for the perfect beach trip… including a mean cone…

Castle Beach is situated along Falmouth’s seafront (below Falmouth Hotel etc.) alongside Pendennis Point.  It is great for bathing and is known locally for being really clean and safe.  The wall stretching along above provides good shelter too.   I went at high tide (as you will see by my pictures) which was badly planned on my behalf but it was lovely and warm and there were still lots of families enjoying what was left of the golden sands.  There’s a good swathe of rocks before you meet the sea ‘proper’ making for some great rock-pooling potential when the tide is lower (doh!) and snorkelling too.  Parents can sit and watch their children in the shallows, without having to venture in, as the rocks provide a good baffle from the waves .

Castle Beach Café is owned by Steve and Jayne and this is their third Summer season.  I asked Jayne, “why Castle Beach Cafe?” and she reminisced dreamily about family holidays to the Falmouth Hotel with many happy hours spent on Castle Beach and I soon began to understand why,  when it came up for sale, it was an opportunity that the couple just could not miss.  “We are here to provide families with good value for money & I think that is why so many people come back.  We do not charge extortionate prices.  This is our business but it’s also a passion of ours and we aim for everyone to go away with as happy memories of Castle Beach as I have” said Jayne.

The café itself is a proper beachside experience crammed with buckets & spades, fishing nets, sun hats – all the paraphernalia you forget to take yourself.  Steve and Jayne serve simple family friendly food sourced from local suppliers, including Proper Cornish pasties, Cornish Coffee, Damer Bay Iced Tea, Pure Blue water and Callestick Farm Cornish Ice Cream.   The crab sandwiches are a must; the crabs are caught locally, dressed by the local fishmonger and delivered fresh each day.

When it comes to ice cream Steve and Jayne are purists, they serve it the classic way with a flake or fudge stick to accompany.  Clotted Cream Vanilla is their most popular flavour but they stock a good range and a different ‘guest ice cream flavour’ each week which the staff take in turns to choose.  Jayne’s favourite is Apple Pie and who would she share a chat with over her Apple Pie cone?  JK Rowling.  Jayne is an avid book reader and thinks Jo would have some good tales to tell.  They operate a book scheme at the cafe whereby people are encouraged to donate their old books to the ‘book wheelbarrow’ that stands outside and then beachgoers can buy and enjoy on the beach with all proceeds going to the RNLI, what a lovely idea.

Castle Beach Café, a thoroughly authentic seashore delight.


2 thoughts on “Family Fun at Castle Beach Cafe

  1. Its without doubt THE family beach in the Fal area… And I can tell you now, the owners Steve and Jayne and the great girls they have there at the Cafe are always on hand to give help to anyone and everyone who needs it. And I say that with thanks in my fingers as a recent spate of hot weather nearly did for me but for much needed assistance from the lovely Jan. And such is the patronage of Cassie Beach, even a complete stranger offered me their water!!! From grain of sand to the biggest outcrop of rock , a cup of Pip’s coffee to the deepest rockpool, Cassie has the complete package for a day by the sea… Just watch that sun tho….

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