Sweets and Treats at Fowey Fudge

Fowey is just the most beautifully quaint and unspoiled town, little old shops and cafes line the tiny winding streets and, between them, glimpses of the wonderful estuary views.  The quay is a bustling hub of activity and the estuary is always busy with boats and yachts.

Beautiful Fowey

Parking is limited in the heart of the little town so I parked in the main car park near the Fowey Hotel and walked, it is quite a steep hill (have to admit I wasn’t looking forward to the climb back up) but there is a little minibus service available.  The walk would hopefully burn off some of the treats that awaited anyway and the cobbled street took me right to the door of ‘Fowey Fudge’.

Peering through the window at the delights

Fowey Fudge is completely tiny but completely heavenly. Every inch is filled with sweet treats.  They describe themselves as a ‘traditional sweet shop’ and specialise in Cornish confectionery, Cornish ice cream, locally baked biscuits, continental nougat and nostalgia sweets. I am greeted by Sarah who is exactly the kind of lovely smiley lady that you might imagine would run a shop of such delights (apart from her very trim waistline!).

Sarah behind the counter

Sarah and Roger bought the shop in March after a long search for their dream business & have thrown themselves into it ever since.  “Apart from the shop, we have started up a mail order service and we’re also establishing a local reputation for wedding favours, corporate confectionery packs and party packs.”  Indeed, while I was there, two chaps came in for their ‘daily fix’ and also to thank Sarah for the fudge packs that she had produced for their business launch.  Sarah really is an enthusiast for all that is delcious (and sweet) in Cornwall and she loves introducing her customers, both local and visiting, to the delights of Cornish confectionery and I’m sure it’s this genuine passion that is the reason she enjoys such a high level of repeat business.

Sweet Dreams…

In the corner of the store lies a spotless little freezer where Sarah offers 7 different flavours of ice cream, mainly the classics, but she does mix things up a bit when she can, “It’s tricky because we have regulars who love one particular flavour and so I find it hard to know which flavour to sacrifice for fear of disappointing someone”.  Sarah offers a good range of cone choices (as many as space allows) but it is really the surroundings of both the shop and the town itself that make this ice cream experience such a fabulous one.  Sarah says the best topping for a cone in her opinion is a wedge of Cornish fudge and so that is what I chose and she isn’t far wrong I don’t think.  Stroll down from Fowey Fudge and you are on the quay, a lovely little jaunt for a slow meander with your creamy Cornish ice cream or a bag of something sugary…  Fowey Fudge is definitely a hidden jem that I would recommend searching out.

Sarah serves me a Honeycomb ice cream


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