Treats on Trikes (Part 2 of my lovely trip to Padsow)

This is the second of my two blogs visiting the lovely Kelly and Dougal in Padstow, this one’s based on Dougal’s ‘Treats on Trikes’ along the camel trail.

The two trikes on a sunny day

I jumped on a bike from Padstow Cycle Hire, in the main car park, and started my way along the Camel Trail.  The Camel Trail runs along the old railway track (nice and flat)  from Bodmin to Padstow (about 11 miles) but the main hub is at Wadebridge so you could cycle to Wadebridge and back (5 miles either way) for quite a leisurely turn.  Alternatively, like me, you could just cycle about half the way until you see Dougal, have a cone, turn around and cycle back again – LAZY!

The Camel Trail

Dougal and his helper, Angus, were in very chipper spirits when I got there, despite the mizzle that had descended.  It was less of an ice cream day and more of a hot chocolate one unfortunately but there were still the hard-core who were braving the temperatures to get their ice cream fix.

For those more sensitive souls, Dougal was offering Hot (& cold Brrrrrr) drinks and a selection of home-made cakes, not your average ropey victoria sponge mind you as Dougal is quite a cake baking enthusiast, don’t you know, more about that later… Butter flapjacks, coconut lime & raspberry muffin, lemon drizzle, chocolate brownies, apricot slices, carrot cake, courgette cake…

The ice cream trike offers a selection of 4 ice creams (as many as space allows) in a waffle or children’s sized cone and a flake or fudgeridoo to compliment.  It’s such a novelty to be served from this lovely old bike, the children loved it and were taking turns to sit on the seat as Dougal scooped their ice creams.  Dougal and Angus cycle the trikes to their pitch each morning which must be quite a cool sight.  They are about half way between Padstow and Wadebridge and the views are just beautiful, especially on a sunny day (see below) but even on a grey day they are very moody and lovely.  There are some well-placed boulders too, so you can sit and look out on to the estuary and really ‘experience’ that cone.

Before starting the trike business three years ago, Dougal was a lifeguard but he and Kelly wanted to try something different and work for themselves so together they came up with this novel idea.  Dougal says this life suits him and Kelly very well because they still get the coastal outlook that they love so much and the peace and quiet that this tranquil setting provides but also they get to meet interesting people from all over the world.  He also loves the fact that they are providing a service that people want, they never get anything but great feedback and that is a very satisfying feeling.  The most interesting insight though, to a chap that would strike most as the average man’s man, who would Dougal like to chat to over his favourite double chocolate fudge cone?… Mary Berry!!! To be fare his first answer was John Bonham (drummer from Led Zeppelin) which was more along the lines I was imagining, but still, Mary Berry!   This will have done his street cred no good at all.


2 thoughts on “Treats on Trikes (Part 2 of my lovely trip to Padsow)

  1. WOW!
    I’m a true Cornishman, but have to confess, while my children have enjoyed the Camel Trail, I have never managed to find the time…and they have never told me about the Ice Cream trike…combined with the amazing views, this now sounds like a MUST!

    So, many thanks for your hard work and brilliant invention in sharing this via your blog…
    Well Done – off now to find my bicycle clips:-)

    • Thanks for the comment Mr Burrows. It’s definitely worth a visit. I haven’t cycled for years and was a bit on the wobbly side to begin with but was soon swooping along with the best of them… and what better reward than a good Cornish ice cream?

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