Fun and flavoursome at the funky beach hut

I love Padstow. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t matter if the weather’s not all that, there is always loads to do and somehow the little harbour still seems to shine – even through raindrops. There are lots of cafes and renowned foodie haunts in the town of course, but for something a bit different I have found Dougal and Kelly, a lovely fun couple who have approached the business of take away food in a very novel way.

 First, Treats on Trikes was born, two fabulous old fashioned trikes -one selling Cornish ice creams and, the other, hot and cold drinks and cakes. Then, last year, The Cornish Crepe Company aka the ‘funky beach hut’ which sits at the end of the old railway platform next to Rick Stein’s fish and chip shop in the main car park. Here, they have created a stripy beach hut beauty complete with sand grasses blowing in the wind and offer a heavenly selection of savoury and sweet crepes and ice creams (together if you like) and top notch hot drinks.

They are both so cool and unique that I have decided to separate them into two blogs and I will start with Kelly at The Cornish Crepe Company today.  She and her helper, Paula, were ready and raring to go at 10am in the little beach hut – food prep’d and hut gleaming!

They serve a lovely range of sweet and savoury crepes, some traditional and some more unusual (‘Feta, sun dried tomatoes, olives and herbs’ or ‘Nutella with marshmallows’ – a favourite with all ages apparently).

Delicious ‘Feta, sun dried tomatoes, olives & herbs’ Crepe

They also serve 6 flavours of Cornish ice cream, one of which is a ‘mystery guest’ and changes regularly.  Kelly struggled to decide which flavour was her most popular, this is really unusual as the old Clotted Cream Vanilla usually reigns supreme, perhaps this is a reflection of an audience more receptive to new and unusual foods and flavours.

Her mystery guest at the moment is Toasted Coconut and she has teamed this up and created a special of the day ‘fresh strawberries and Nutella crepe with coconut ice cream’ – heavenly!

Apart from the beautiful little town and it’s quaint meandering streets lined with foodie shops, restaurants and knick-knacks, Padstow is also home to the National Lobster Hatchery and of course the Camel Trail (you can hire a bike).  Kelly is open until 9pm, so an ice cream or sweet crepe would just be a perfect dessert to fish and chips on the way back to the car of an evening.  Nothing’s too much trouble at The Cornish Crepe Co, you can even have hot nutella sauce poured over your cone for the most dreamy topping.  Kelly’s cone of choice would be Toasted Coconut ice cream on a waffle cone with hot choccy sauce – legendary.

It’s not just the food that is warm and lovely at Cornish Crepe Co, the ladies are too, so chatty and bubbly and full of banter for children and grannies alike, this is what they say is the best bit about their job and I’m sure it’s what brings people back.  I asked Kelly who she would choose to chat to over a coconut ice cream and she said “Jude Law, although I might melt if it actually happened” – I think the ice cream might melt too at the sight of Jude #mess


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